A little MidWest Trip

So I’ve been super bad about doing a blog post, but I’m finally getting around to it!

I took a trip up to Madison, WI a couple weeks ago to hang out with my girlfriend. We stayed one night in Madison, and then took off to drive over to Michigan to visit my parents at my lake house for a couple days. It wasn’t the warmest weather there, but it was still nice to relax at the lake and have no agenda for awhile. We went on a zipline tour at Boyne Highlands, which is one of the “ski hills” there. I believe it is the largest skiable terrain in MI, even if it isn’t the tallest.

After the trip we headed back to Madison so Jessa could get to her classes for the week. She lives on State Street, which is nice because it doesn’t allow cars and there are so many different types of food all down it. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many varieties of food in such a short time. It ranged from pizza to nepalis to Indian – all of which were amazing! If you are ever in Madison go try Ian’s Pizza. They have so many different types – I tried chicken alfredo and penne marinara…both are covered in noodles and sauce and are delicious!

We did quite a bit of exploring around the city as well. It was awesome checking out museums and  doing a bunch of different stuff. B-cycles are an excellent way to get around. They’re bikes you can rent from stations located all over the city for super cheap and as long as you return them to a station within thirty minutes you can ride the whole day for just $5! We also found a zoo that is completely free and has a big range of animals, which was a lot of fun to see!

For the weekend we decided to drive back to Jessa’s home town of Wayzata, MN. The first night we got in we met up with her parents and went to an amazing Thai restaurant called Roat Osha, which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re in Minneapolis! The weekend consisted of hanging out with family as well as going to the Mall of America and mini golfing, checking out the aquarium in there and of course doing some shopping!

Sadly, the twelve day trip ended way to quickly, and I had to come back to Aspen to do some work, but I take off for Chicago with Jessa on Thursday and will check back in soon!



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