About Tae Westcott

Name: Tae Westcott
Age: 29
Sport: Freeskiing  (slopestyle, Big Air)
Motto: Carpe Diem (Seize the Carp)

About: Tae is a world traveler and life enthusiast who strives to enjoy everything the world has to offer. Tae has traveled to Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, the Galapagos islands as well as most of the states in the US, although he says he still has many more places he would like to visit. ”I’ve been extremely lucky and feel so blessed to live the life I live,” Tae said.

After graduating high school, Tae went on to attend Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado for a year and a half before deciding that his passion for skiing was strong enough to warrant a move back to his hometown of Aspen, Colorado where he could completely dedicate himself to the sport. Tae began competing in slopestyle skiing and big air events and gradually started to build results and gain sponsors.

Tae consistently films with Vital Films and shoots with Jeremy Swanson Photography. When Tae isn’t filming or doing photo shoots, he can be found just having fun with his friends skiing and lapping the park on Snowmass mountain, one of the four mountains that make up Aspen/Snowmass Resort. On his down time from skiing he enjoys cliff jumping, wakeboarding, skating, hiking, camping, fishing, video games, movies, exploring new restaurants, and trying new things.

“I have seen the what goes on and the situations in other parts of the world, and I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate everything and everyone in my life. I know that not everybody gets the chances and opportunities that I have been given, and I would like to thank my family, friends and all my sponsors for all their help and support” – Tae Westcott