EuroTrip Part 1: Iceland

For the month of May I decided to headed over to Iceland with my parents and check it out, it’s a 8 hr flight from Denver and Iceland is 7 hr ahead of Colorado in time so by the time we got there and actually went to bed I had been up for about 34 hours. We flew into Reykjavik which is the capital and took a shuttle into the city from the airport which is about 35 minutes away, it was cold and as usual money changing is a little bit of a hassle in a new country, but whatever I was in Iceland. We ended up getting a sweet condo right in the middle of the city and we also got a truck, probably not the smartest thing to do, since it was terrible on gas milage and the streets are about as big as a sidewalk. We were exhausted when we got into the city but had to at least check it out, so we went and walked around for a bit even though it was about 11pm but it was still light out cus it only gets dark for about 2 hrs ha. Over the next couple of days we just did day trips from out of the city and drove around and explored what Iceland had to offer, the scenery is amazing and you don’t see many people since the population of the whole country is about 300,000. We checked out some sweet waterfalls and hot springs and some geysers, there is also a world famous hot dog stand in the capital (i wasn’t impressed but hey gotta try it) It was cold there all the time and its extremely expensive (even compared to Aspen prices) a cheap beer is about $9, gas is about $10/gal and the restaurants appetizers start at about $20 each, oh well YOLO haha. Here are some of my fav pics from Iceland, for the rest of the pics from Iceland check out

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